JUNE 2021
In an era of productivity and efficiency we are always trying to come up with a better solution. We try to put some idea behind things, we measure every our step meticulously, constantly asking ourselves will it help achieve some goal? We know how to make things look good, we have all the tools for it, grids, design systems and a shit ton of references.

But the try beauty, the one that strikes you the most – beauty beyond the beauty, is the one that makes you stop, breathe and feel it presence – there is just no tool to replicate it. It’s just it’s too damn personal, you can’t give it a reason, maybe because there is none, it just speaks directly to you and to you only.

It’s the cute freckle on the woman’s face that you saw staring from the window on your way home, a second ago you was tired, thinking of some weekend plans, and now you can’t not-to-thik-about-it. It will be with you forever.

It the cup that you bought that you don’t really need, because you had no choice than to buy it when you saw it first walking through the store, it wasn’t there to buy a cup in the first place, but there was something in it that you couldn’t put a price on. Now this cup will make your coffee taste better for some strange reason.

It’s the way how the sun reflects the water in this particular day, in this particular moment so you just stop staring at your phone, turn it off, breathe and eat your god damn lunchbox in a pure silence.

The try beauty is inexplicable, it’s unforgettable, and it’s made for you.